Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Walgreens coupons

A new Walgreen’s Children Activity Book is out. The cost is $.99 and these books can normally be found in the Pharmacy Section. Last time the coupons in this book got me free items because you can combine a Walgreens coupon with a manufacturer coupon!

$1 Crayola
$1 Gerber
$1 Band-Aids
$1 Johnson & Johnson
$1 Children’s Be Kool
$1 Maalox
$1 Motrin
$1 Triaminic
$1 Tylenol or Pediacare
$1 Nix
$1 Kids Orajel
$1 Huggies Jumbo Pack
$1 Comfort Scanner
$1 Flintstones Chewables
$1 Zooth
$1 Nix
$1 Pediasure NutriPals

Thanks, Mojo Savings

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