Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ultimate Recipe Swap

Like many others I also have tricks when it comes to making lunches. I make homemade lunchables and homemade uncrustables once in a while. Here is how:

Homemade lunchables

You will need a Bento box or 3 small containers
crackers (any kind) I go for the ones I get for free or cheap with coupons
lunchmeat or leftover ham/turkey slices
block or slice cheese

place crackers in 1 cont.
cut lunchmeat/meat in squares or circles and place in 2nd cont.
cut cheese in squares or circles and place in 3rd cont.
There you go you have a homemade lunchable. You can add a pc. of leftover V-day candy. I usually add fruit and a reusable jug of juice.

Homemade uncrustables

You will either need a Pampered chef Cut-N-Seal — $9.00 (this is what I use) ,a knife. or biscuit cutter
a reusable sandwich wrap (this is what I use) or some kind of bag
fillings (pb&j, lunchmeat, honey)

Make your sandwich like normal but, don't place fillings on edges
cut into circle with your choice of cutter
place in bag or wrap
Don't forget to feed the birds the crust or save for homemade stuffing:)

Thanks for holding this swap!

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