Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I don't like to waste food because to me food thrown away is like throwing away money. When I menu plan I think of ways to use leftovers and sometimes freeze them to use later. We might have BLTs one day, tacos the next, chef salad the third day, bacon,eggs,toast the fourth and so on just to use up things that spoil quickly. It is rather simple but, saves tons of money!

Monday- Grilled ham and cheese, salad (leftover ham from Sun. and leftover salad from tacos last week)

Tuesday-Chicken Cordon Bleu, garlic bread, veggies ( leftover ham from Sun.)

Wednesday-Beef goulash, garlic bread, corn* (leftover garlic bread from Tues.)

Thursday-Country Ribs, oven fries, veggies*

Friday-Chicken-zuccini pizza, veggies* ( leftover zuccini from zuccini/pineapple bread and leftover chicken from crockpot chicken )

Saturday-BQ pulled pork on Onion bun, soup (leftover pork from pork roast)

Sunday-Roast, potatoes, carrots (maybe I will make hot roast beef sand. later with these leftovers)

*recipes from The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook

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