Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eat From The Pantry Challenge!

I am planning to join the Eat From The Pantry Challenge for the month of January. I have just finished checking my stockpile and planning my menu for the month of Jan. I have decided to limit my grocery budget to just $20 for the whole month (only 3 in our household) for dairy and produce. I am able to do this because I stockpile groceries when they are on sale, use coupons to get items really cheap or free, plan my menu a month at a time, bake all the baked goods I need from scratch(most of the time) once a month, and keep my freezer full of homeade breakfast and lunch items to pack in my son's lunch bag. Here is my menu plan (mine will look different than yours since we have a different stockpile):

1 Cheesy Veggie twist/chicken wings/meatballs/lil' smokies
2 BLTs/hashbrowns
3 BBQ Rib subs, lettuce salad
4 Meatball soup
5 General Tso chicken/rice/vegs
6 Crockpot Chicken Cordon Bleu/vegs
7 Grilled Cheese/Tomato soup
8 Slow cooker Mac & Beef
9 Bacon/toast/eggs/hashbrowns
10 Biscuits/gravy/green beans
11 Spicy Chicken stew
12 Scalloped potatoes/ham
13 Taco pasta/corn
14 Chicken Alfredo/broccoli
15 Turkey stuffing casserole with cauliflower,broccoli & carrots
16 Pancakes/veggie sausage
17 Ham sandwiches/homeade fries/vegs
18 Turkey noodles with peas
19 Tuna noodles with mixed vegs
20 Breakfast burritos
21 Cheesy Lovers pasta roll ups/garlic toast
22 Chilli dogs/buns/green beans
23 Use coupon for FREE pizza at Dominos from a Operation game.
24 Roast/carrots/potatoes
25 Classic Beef stew
26 Turkey pot pie
27 Fish/baked potato/broccoli with cheese
28 Alfredo Pasta Primavera
29 Grilled Chicken Quesidillas/salsa/sour cream
30 French toast/veggie sausage

My Bake Day (sometime towards the end of the month)list:

Pumpkin-Ginger pancakes, Brown Sugar Biscuit Twists, Bananna Bread, Cinnamon pancake mix, cornbread, Strawberry muffins, homemade hot coccoa, and homemade laundry soap(not edible:) We don't need much because we still have homemade english muffins, pitas, muffins, and asst. bread in the freezer! I would love to do a once a month cooking day but, no deep freeze!

I actually have every item I need to make this happen in my pantry and freezer plus breakfast and lunch items. Normally my menu plan has more variety but, afterall this is a challenge!

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