Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Target After Christmas 90% off sale!

I went to Target today and they had all their Christmas 90% off! I stocked up on ornaments and gifts for next year! I have a gift shelf in my closet I store these great deals but, even a tote would work just fine. Alot of times red Christmas candy will work great for Valentines or treats for class or work! Think ahead and you could save lots of $$$$! I bought a toy my son really wants for his Birthday in June for $14 that was $29 around Christmas time! I spent $25 and saved $125 at Target today! This is also a great time to think about children in need. I bought several baby Christmas outfits for $0.79-$0.99 to donate next year. I also bought cookie cuters and decorations that could make a nice family gift donation for $0.69. Why pay full price?

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