Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!

I have compiled a few goals for myself and some for my family as well! I haven't always made goals for the New Year but, decided this was a new year and a new start on finding out what is most important to my family and I. My goals are stated simple but, are much harder to follow day by day.

My personal and family goals:

1.) To have more of an understanding of what God has planned for us. This also includes doing more good in daily life. Giving more emotionally and giving more material items ( such as food pantry, etc.). Also trying my best to be kind and less judgemental ( this is so hard for everyone).

2.) To exercise more and eat healthier. The Eat From The Pantry Challenge in January is going to help me clear out my stockpile in my pantry and as I fill my pantry back up over the next few months, I will be thinking more about what I put in there. I will also be making more things from scratch which I am really excited about!

3.) To save, save, save money rather it be from couponing, deals, restraining myself from buying stuff I don't need, or making homemade laundry soap(which by the way turned out to be much easier than I thought).

4.) Do more as a family. While doing this seeing what kind of change we can make in the world. My son has his own goal of saving pennys the whole year to give to the food pantry and I suggested we take the money and actually by food for the food pantry since I can get really good deals on groceries and he agreed. He makes mom so proud!!!! Leave a comment to tell me what your goals are for 2010!

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