Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Omaha World Herald Deal

Wow! I almost forgot to post this hot deal! Walgreens has an envelope that says Omaha World Herald on it and a great deal inside by the weekly ads as you walk in the door. If you prepay for a 26 week sunday paper to be delivered to your house for $49.40 ($1.90 a sunday paper instead of $2) which is a deal in itself you will recieve a $20 Walgreens gift card which makes the paper $1.13 each! I probally get most of my coupons from the sunday paper and I save alot more than a $1.13 a week. Also you can prepay for a 52 week and get a $40 Walgreens gift card. You could probally call in and get the same deal if you mention it to the operator. I think this deal lasts till the end of the year but, you better get a form today to make sure. I will also check at Walgreens next week when I go shopping and let you know.

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