Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Menu Plan

Often I get asked "Do you really menu plan for a whole month?" I do menu plan a month at a time because it helps me stay organized and provide healthy homemade dinners for my family. Monthly menu planning is not for everyone but, it works great for us! Each day of the week has a theme at our house. Mexican Monday, slow-cooker Tues., pizza/pasta Wens., leftover Thurs., breakfast Fri., soup/sandwich Sat., and grillout Sun. I leave veggies and fruit blank b/c I like to buy fresh each week. I get what is on sale that week and add it to our meals.


1 leftovers
2 omlets/hashbrowns/whole wheat toast, fruit
3 grilled ham/swiss sandwiches, tomato soup
4 Easter at friends
5 chicken/red bean burritos, veggie rice
6 crockpot cordon bleu, baked potato, veggie
7 hawiian pizza
8 leftovers
9 french toast, turkey sausage, strawberries
10 french dips, soup
11 steak, potato, veggies
12 nachos with everything
13 slow-cooker chicken parm., veggie, garlic breadsticks
14 chicken alfredo with broc., leftover breadsticks
15 leftovers
16 waffles, strawberries
17 beef stew
18 grilled chicken, pasta salad with veggies
19 chicken and cheese tortillas, salsa, sour cream, corn
20 BBQ ribs, potatoes, veggies
21 baked ziti, garlic bread, veggies
22 leftovers
23 Bacon, eggs, toast, fruit
24 grilled blt's, soup
25 cheddar bacon burgers, homemade fries, veggies
26 chicken tacos, lettuce, tomatoes, toppings
27 Chef salad
28 homemade mac 'n cheese, salad
29 leftovers
30 breakfast burritos

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